Construction and Installation

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Minimising Risk

We completely understand how valuable your time is, which is why the landscaping company you use needs to act as your eyes and ears on site. Our specialists will work hard to minimise risk during the project, taking the strain so you can focus on other important matters.

No Nasty Surprises

Once a plan is in place, we’ll use our skill and experience to ensure that it’s followed to the letter. Our trusted team has a detailed understanding of scheduling, budgets and all design components, meaning that we’re always there to keep things on track with no nasty surprises appearing along the way.

Hitting Those Deadlines

Deadlines are there for a reason in construction projects, as it allows you to plan ahead for life after completion. We have the experience and project management skills to ensure that your quality expectations are met, as well as your deadlines, regardless of how demanding or complex the project might be.

Construction and Installation Services


Your outdoor spaces can be greatly enhanced with well-chosen plant life, with our planting service involving a detailed consultation to ensure your installation hits the heights of aesthetics and functionality in every way possible.


When you have plants requiring regular watering on your property, irrigation is the savvy solution that makes things so much easier. With over a quarter of a century of experience in lawn care, you can rely on us to identify the ideal irrigation solution to suit your requirements.

Landscape Lighting

Your outdoor living spaces can be completely transformed with the versatile illumination solutions we can provide. Working with you, our design team will find the perfect landscape lighting option to get the utmost out of your available space.

Solar Powered Lighting

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint whilst also lowering your energy bills? We can provide you with top-quality rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels at an extremely affordable price - a price that improves, even more, the larger the property gets.


Is there anything better than relaxing on your patio on a sunny afternoon? Our masonry services can take care of all your patio, retaining wall and access-way construction and repair needs to provide you with an oasis of calm.


Wooden decking can give you so much more living space and our extensive carpentry expertise allows us to create it for you. We’re also your best choice for fences, pergolas and much more besides.


Our knowledge and experience also extend to drainage, with our team specialising in stormwater management systems, rain guards, rainwater harvesting systems and more, allowing you to reap the rewards of this great natural water supply.

Living Green Walls

Also referred to as ‘vertical gardens’, living green walls represent a fantastic solution for any property owner wanting to reduce air pollution, increase biodiversity and offer a sense of natural calm and well-being. We can help you achieve it.

Roof Gardens

With more than 25 years of rooftop garden construction experience, we can help you enjoy the many benefits they offer, including increased wildlife habitats, reduced water attenuation, stormwater runoff and improved air quality.


Water features add a certain magic to any outdoor space and our premier design team can assist you in creating the perfect installation for your property. Offering an array of styles and types to complement the existing landscape, we’ll help you achieve your desired look.

Sport Courts

Looking to enhance the functionality of your property with a custom-made sports court? We’ll use our vast experience in this specialised area to install athletic court surfaces for commercial and residential properties alike.  

Tree Anchoring Solutions

When new and semi-mature trees are planted, they often require support to grow correctly. We can use our tree anchoring knowledge and expertise to install a system that protects your fledgeling plants as they become established, encouraging vertical growth for impressive tree avenues.

The Process Is a Simple One


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