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Industrial Landscaping Services

Looking for landscaping services for warehouses or factories? Large industrial sites and warehouses have their own, unique set of landscaping requirements.

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Industrial Plants, Power Plants and Factories

While landscaping for processing plants, distribution centres and factories may seem like they have more bare-bones requirements, first impressions are still crucial. In this type of setting, special attention must be paid to entrances and driveways that can offer impressive seasonal colours.

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Mining Stations

Mining can have a major impact on the landscape, particularly with regard to the way in which mining occurs, the technology used, the total surface area, the coalfield’s shape and the extent of the mining operation.Karaoglu repairs the damage that mining causes to your landscapes by using the latest technologies and methods. By implementing our expertise in land reclamation and rejuvenation, we ensure that your outdoor spaces look amazing, irrespective of the work that’s going on nearby.

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Our Services

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Design and Architecture

Our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your landscape dreams to life, combining your vision with their plant and design knowledge


Your commercial property’s landscape construction is a big deal. Don't worry. After the design process, our professional install teams work to bring the vision to life.


Landscapes change. By season, through growth. They are designed to do so. We offer a wide range of services that will keep your property looking its best.

Nature Repair
Nature Repair

Mining has an impact on the countryside and landscape but we are here to repair it. We provide all the necessary materials for erosion and nature restoration.

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If you spend most days in Lexington, almost all of the plants you see were planted by landscapers or homeowners.

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