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Commercial Landscaping Services

First impressions really count if you’re wanting to attract and retain top-tier tenants, minimize liability and enhance safety. Commercial landscaping and maintenance programs can also play a major part in improving water usage efficiency.

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Your commercial landscaping represents a valuable tool that offers a professional aesthetic for both your property and the occupying business tenants. Attract top-tier tenants, increase property value and enjoy longer leases for commercial offices, executive suites and business centres.

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Corporate Campuses

Fantastic-looking designs for corporate campuses help to create a welcoming environment that impresses clients and boosts the productivity of employees. This value represents a precious commodity that company HQs use to set themselves apart from their competition and enhance their brand.

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Group 351
Design and Architecture

The talented team at Karaoglu works alongside you to realise your landscaping ambitions, using their expertise and skill to bring your vision to life


Landscapes never stand still, with seasonal and growth-related changes impacting its aesthetic and functional characteristics. Our team is able to provide a wide range of maintenance services that ensure your property’s outdoor spaces always look amazing.


It’s important that your commercial landscaping presents a great first impression, however, you shouldn’t stress about it if yours doesn’t. Just call the Karaoglu team and we’ll work hard to create your desired design down to the smallest detail

Nature Repair
Nature Repair

Sometimes human activity can have a detrimental effect on the natural environment, but the Karaoglu team has the expertise to restore its vitality. With years of experience in repairing erosion and restoring natural spaces, we’ve got you covered.

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