We DESIGN Your Dream Landscape

Great landscapes are our forté and we’re able to use our experience and expertise to create solutions that make people sit up and take notice. It’s in our DNA to create spaces that attract people to live, work & play

We BUILD Your Dream Landscape

We take our landscape construction projects very seriously because the very best results take focus and dedication. We take great care to exceed expectations, as well as ensuring we stay within budget and on time.

We MAINTAIN Your Dream Landscape

Dream landscapes take time and effort to maintain throughout growth and the passing of the seasons. Our dedicated landscape technicians look after your open spaces as if they were their own.

About Us

More than three decades worth of combined expertise

We thrive on the superlative results we produce and the great customer relationships we make along the way. We always see our customers as our number one priority and endeavour to provide unmatched service.


Our Services

Design and Architecture
Design and Architecture

Our talented team is able to create eye-catching landscape designs that enhance the value, beauty and allure of your property.

Working closely with you from start to finish, they’ll help you plan out every minute detail to ensure your commercial property really stands out, before our skilled crews arrive to turn it into a three-dimensional reality!

Construction and Installation
Construction and Installation

The appearance of your commercial property’s outdoor spaces has a very real bearing on the success of your business, which is why landscaping projects need to be done correctly and in good time.

Our specialist team of engineers, crews and project managers are able to provide a stress-free experience from beginning to end, regardless of the size or type of the project in question.


In order for your landscape to stay healthy and looking its very best, regular maintenance is crucial.

Our crews can carry out these vital works to maximize your ROI and take care of your property, while also focusing on working sustainably and minimizing our environmental impact.

Nature Repair
Nature Repair

When your property’s outdoor spaces are in need of restoration and repair, our expert team can assist with effective nature repair works. Whether caused by functional or structural changes, intervention, or deformation, our team can use its considerable expertise to nurse it back to health.

We’re able to offer great results in this area thanks to our gear, extensive capacity, engineers, and experienced technical staff.

Ready to Transform your Outdoor Space Where you Live, Work, and Play?


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Areas we excel at


Offices & Plazas & Corporate Campuses
You only get one chance to make a first impression, but we’ve got your back! Our commercial landscaping and maintenance services help you to retain high-quality long-term tenants, minimize liability, enhance safety and your water usage efficiency


Hospitals & Medical Centres

During our many years in the industry, we’ve worked at dozens of medical establishments across the country. On these many projects, our highly skilled architects have created amazing, inviting, and tranquil outdoor areas that support those on their healing journey.


Theme Parks, Hotels & Resorts

Premier theme parks and luxury hotels tend to have one thing in common - superlative landscapes that are designed to attract new customers and provide a safe and inviting environment for existing clientele.

Entice more patrons and greatly increase repeat custom by adding beautiful sustainable landscapes, pathways, pools and golf courses to your property.


Condominiums, Apartments & Homes

When you invest in landscaping for your residential properties, you help to create spaces that are ideal for entertainment and relaxation. By providing seating areas surrounded by trees, plants and wildlife, residents get a purpose-built area to relax and unwind with family and friends.


Malls & Shopping Centers

Great outdoor spaces in the retail world are important too, as they allow you to complement advertising with safe, inviting areas that entice people in. This results in extra revenue for commercial outlets and enhances the value of the entire commercial property.

Education Campuses

University, College & School Grounds

When school grounds are immaculately and beautifully designed, it actively works to enhance the health and mood of students and teachers alike. Positively impacting body and mind, these dream landscapes provide the ideal setting for creativity and learning.


Warehouses, Industrial Plants & Generating Stations

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for landscaping for warehouses or factories, our team can help to provide great-looking, drought-tolerant, hard-wearing, low-maintenance spaces.


Airports, Highways, Roads & Walkways

The job of urban landscaping has a very real impact on the way a city operates, meaning it’s much more complex than simple beautification. Our urban landscape specialists are able to take care of every aspect, whether talking about planning, designing or implementation of your project elements.

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Why Use Our Services?

When dealing with such important matters, you need to know you’re working with a company that you can trust. Our landscape construction and project management expertise is unsurpassed, meaning that you can rely upon us to meet your design and installation goals every time, regardless of the project’s size or complexity.


We Are Focused On You

We always focused on our client needs, placing them at the very top of our list of priorities. So, once we’re working on your behalf, you can focus your own attention on your business - knowing your landscaping works are in very good hands.

A Stress-Free Experience

Our customers love us, but not just for our supreme landscaping skills. They love what we do and how we make the whole process simple and stress-free.

We Enhance Your Property’s Value

With our help, your commercial landscape encourages visitors while also being sustainable and efficient. What’s more, after we’ve completed our work, your property’s value naturally rises in line with its enhanced appearance.


We Deliver Excellence On Time

In business, time literally means money. We hold this ethos close to our hearts and we’ll always strive to deliver excellent results while also hitting those all-important deadlines.


At Karaoglu, customer delight is very important to us. We work hard to make every customer experience awesome. That’s why we like to ask them how we’re doing.

In my two years of experience working with Karaoglu I am very satisfied with the quality of work performed. In my line of work, prompt response and resolution to an issue is crucial and Karaoglu has proven to be an asset as they are very prompt and efficient at solving problems. Their quality of work is above standard and has made my job a lot easier!

Ellipse 37@2x
Steve Doe
General Manager at Raviga Inc

We have used Karaoglu Landscaping several times on our property...Every time the experience has been outstanding! Every step is pleasant and easy. The design team takes the time to listen to exactly what we want and provides an excellent plan. When the work gets started, the workers are completely professional, skilled, tidy and efficient. The end result is always beyond our expectations. We will continue to use Karaoglu Landscaping and tell anyone who will listen to use them for their landscaping needs.

Ellipse 46@2x
Amanda Rogers
Vice President at Sauer and Sons

“They don’t look at us just as a customer: They put themselves into the job. When I say I want the garden to look right, it’s like they were doing their own garden.”

Ellipse 47@2x
Tony Doe
General Manager at Zieme

Protect, Restore and Develop

United Nation's the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are lists of various progressive goals that tackle global issues, which includes:

Climate Actions
Clean Water
Life on Land
Sustainable Cities and Communities

Karaoğlu  is working hard to align with above united nations sustainable development goals.


Featured Projects

Emaar Square Mall & Residences

Emaar Square Mall & Residences

Emaar Square Mall & Residences

Emaar Square Mall & Residences

Emaar Square Mall & Residences

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