Our Mission

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• To give our clients the best service, by following the improvements in the sector and the innovations, that build up the basis of our application infrastructure.
• To provide the appropriate and right service to our clients by balancing price and quality.
• To work with the highest quality standards by creating the optimum work safety and environmental conditions.

Our Vision

In nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else…
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

In this regard, human life and nature is integrated with the world we live in. As Karaoglu Peyzaj, our objective is to design and realize living spaces where people can live in peace, to restore nature and to attain a second chance to recover what is lost.

Your solution partner in the realization of all these positive enhancements of life and solidifying your ideals is Karaoglu Peyzaj.



As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, we offer services that start out at residential scope and span urban spaces, recreational grounds, urban parks, housing projects, hotels, holiday resorts, marinas, industrial zones, factories, hospitals, school yards, shopping malls, power plants, dams, highways, railways and expressways; in starting lawns, erosion control and nature restoration systems through hydroseeding, periodical garden maintenance, terrace gardening, vertical gardening, technical consultance, production and supply of plants alongside hardscape and softscape implementations.


Hydroseeding, which is being extensively used world-wide, is a modern method that has been developed for creating lawn areas. The principle of this method is to spray a mixture of seeds and water on to the application area. Spraying the seeds with water provides great convenience, reducing the time between seeding and adding other components to the application area. With this method, seeds can be sprayed on to the application area, all together with slow dissolving organic fertilizers, organic biological activators (which improves the soil micro organisms), organic binding elements (for avoiding the erosion of the seeds and other components), and water retainers (peat or cellulose).