As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, which has pioneered the sector for many years, we are integrating what nature offers to the modern life.

Soft landscaping, an indispensable part of modern architecture, does not aim to create an aesthetic outlook solely. It is also based on the principles of improving the functionality and quality of the living space, the sustainability of the works and the protection of nature.

With our expert team, high-tech equipment and high quality materials, we are able to make soft landscaping applications not only in housing projects but also in hotels, hospitals, highways, state roads and railways, factories, industrial plants and power plants. Thanks to our landscape architects and engineers who are experts in their fields, we continue our efforts to regain the loss by giving priority to environmental awareness and sustainability for buildings and spaces.

External and indoor soft landscaping applications, supply of imported and native ornamental plants, vegetable soil supply and land arrangements, supply and application of roll-on lawn, peat, fertilizer, pumice, slag supply, automatic irrigation systems and drainage systems are involved in our services. Roof gardens, drainage plates, geotextil and special roof soil preparation and implementation.

As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, we are ready to cooperate in housing-scale projects along with large-scale projects such as Park Oran, Angora Evleri, Yeşil Yaka, Beykoz Konakları etc. which bear our signature and we brought into life successfully.