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Retails Landscaping Services

Effective merchandising begins long before customers come through your doors. With great landscaping in place, you create a safe, vibrant and welcoming feeling that entices shoppers inside and increases retailer revenue.

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Shopping Malls

Looking to create a retail experience that brings people in and increases the money and time they spend in the outlets and food courts inside? Window merchandising is very important, sure, but so is the landscaping that customers see beforehand.

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Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions

The Karaoglu team has unmatched expertise and experience working with the many top financial institutions across Europe. We have the equipment and expertise to give property managers the insight they need to operate efficiently

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Strip Malls and Shopping Centers

Strip malls and shopping centres have reinvented themselves in recent years as attractive areas for residents to meet. Now featuring beer gardens, casual dining outlets and even medical facilities, these retail environments need to be complemented well-designed, safe landscaping.

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Our Services

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Design and Architecture

Our experienced designers work closely with you to bring your landscape dreams to life, combining your vision with their plant and design knowledge


Your commercial property’s landscape construction is a big deal. Don't worry. After the design process, our professional install teams work to bring the vision to life.


Landscapes change. By season, through growth. They are designed to do so. We offer a wide range of services that will keep your property looking its best.

Nature Repair
Nature Repair

Mining has an impact on the countryside and landscape but we are here to repair it. We provide all the necessary materials for erosion and nature restoration.

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If you spend most days in Lexington, almost all of the plants you see were planted by landscapers or homeowners.

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