As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, we have 2 nurseries in İstanbul and Ankara.

The plants, carefully selected from the most prestigious nurseries producing top-quality products especially in Italy, Germany and Holland in abroad and all around Turkey by the experienced staff of our company, are in our nursery stock to meet the demands of your projects and our customers.

Our nursery located in İshaklı is in your service with approximately 1.500 imported and native trees / shrubs, 45.150 pieces of bushes, 90.500 perrenial, 501.250 ground cover and 8.850 holding plant stocks with 20.000 m2 area in İstanbul.

In Ankara, we are at your service in the area of 4.000 m2, which is located next to our head office, with approximately 5.000 imported and native tree/shrubs, 3.500 shrubs, 1.200 perrenial, 9.600 ground covers and 550 pieces of herbal holding plant stock.

In addition, according to your demands, we provide all kinds of plants for you and your projects from imported and local nurseries.