Hard landscaping applications based on the principles of loss recovery, conservation of nature and sustainability principles require multidisciplinary engineering work and coordination together with technical team, timely and accurate material supply, flawless and safe workmanship, assembly.

Karaoğlu Peyzaj enables landscaping projects to be implemented perfectly with professional landscape architect, architect and engineer staff, strong financial – administrative structure, high workmanship and work safety standards and machine equipments equipped with top technologies. We offer not only aesthetic but also quality services in terms of engineering applications for mixed projects, housing projects, shopping malls and business centers, hotels, resorts and many other small and large scale projects. In our structured landscape services, we are not only focusing on the field of landscaping; with a holistic approach, we ensure that the work ends on time, in budget and in compliance with project standards.

Many landscaping applications such as natural stone floorings, staircase, wall coverings, corten fences, harrows, walking paths, sports fields, roof gardens, terrace gardens, vertical gardens, children playgrounds, curtain, stone and gabion walls, wooden, corten, metal, ctp flower pots, natural stones and urban furniture, garden accessories, urban equipment elements, flooring and veneer wood and composite deck, pergola applications, fuga and grid type composite, drainage channels, metal and wood railing materials are included within the scope of our services.

Karaoğlu Peyzaj, which is an industry-leading company, have carried out many large-scale projects such as Piri Reis Üniversitesi, Anadolu Sağlık Köyü (John Hopkins) , Next Level, Tepe Prime. We are ready to work with you within the scope of a professional collaboration.