Landscape (nature) repair is the works including restitution applied in the natural areas exposed to structure and function changes as a result of deformation or intervention(restoration, biorestoration), rehabilitation or forming new landscape(reclaimation).

Landscape repair work areas as Karaoğlu Landscape; Highway, railway and highway slopes, pipelines, mining sites, dams, power plants and so on., energy resources enterprises, creation of sports fields, non-stationary slopes requiring erosion control, natural meadow, pastures and so on.

Since natural tissue is interfered in these areas, damage occurs in nature. In order to repair the destruction and minimize the risk of erosion, the damaged surfaces must be protected after the production.

As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, with our expertise in the sector, we provide services in Hydroseeding, Hydromulch and Euromat applications in slope stabilization in the field of erosion control systems and nature restoration and in the application of Jute – mate, Geoweb, Steel network system, Green Armor system in extreme conditions with high erosion coefficient.

We are a reliable solution partner in this field with our largest capacity and modern equipments, experienced technical personnel, operator and expert engineers.

In addition, we provide all the necessary materials for erosion and nature restoration and we also provide technical support services as Karaoğlu Peyzaj.

Completed Hydroseeding manufacturing around 15.000.000 m2

We use different methods according to slope degree, soil structure and climate in the slope stabilisation in the destructed areas. In addition to Hydroseeding applications, which are used extensively throughout the world, we also provide services with technologically advanced methods in areas having extreme conditions with high erosion coefficient.

In addition, highway planting is carried out other than germination with professional teams by our company.

Slope stabilization methods that we use and serve as Karaoğlu Peyzaj;

The slope stabilization methods we are serving as Karaoğlu Peyzaj Inc. are;

  1. Germination with Hydroseeding method

Hydroseeding is the general name of the aqueous seeding method. Plantation by Hydroseeding method plays an important role in surface erosion control. It is thought to be the main factor in the control of erosion and surface flow; in that, it has been proved that soil loss due to water erosion can be reduced by 100 times. Hydroseeding is an application that has high success rate in near-flat and low-pitched slopes with a vegetable soil structure.


2. Germination with Hydromulch method

This method is applied in areas which are steep and close to steep without any vegetarian content. It is more effective and has high rate of success with mulch type and additional activators which are used according to Hydroseeding application.


3. Germination with Euromat method

The mulch used in the EURO-MAT method provides a unique combination of mechanical and chemical bonding and forms an erosion control blanket with a unique structure and adhesion to soil. This fiber complex, together with seed and soil conditioners provides the highest possible technical level by being applied with the Hydroseedeer machine in accordance with international standards and provides a superior level of emergency protection without problems related to fixing difficulty and time, soil preparation, logistics and field access.


As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, the services we provide with advanced technology products in areas having extreme conditions with high erosion coefficient are;

  1. Jute – mate applications
  2. Geoweb applications
  3. Steel network systems
  4. Green Armor systems

As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, the material we provide for erosion control and nature repair are;

  1. Wood fiber mulch
  2. BFM mulch
  3. FGM mulch
  4. Soil regulators
  5. Earth stabilizers
  6. Special seed types
  7. Special fertilizers